Meet the NJ Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound Team

NJ Mobile Ultrasound Team

Eric Lindquist

Eric embodies (and coined) the phrase “enhancing diagnostic efficiency” and has interpreted more than 160,000 ultrasound cases throughout his career.

NJ Mobile Ultrasound Team

Kenneth Leal

DVM, President of SonoPath

Ken’s ability to connect with animals through compassion and effective communication fosters a strong sense of trust during his scans.

NJ Mobile Ultrasound Team

Diane McFadden

Diane’s emphasis on animal care drives her diagnostic images.

NJ Mobile Ultrasound Team

Kelly Vazquez

Kelly’s passion for science helps her obtain the best possible image sets.

NJ Mobile Ultrasound Team

Shari Reffi

With twenty-five years in the field, Shari’s commitment to animal welfare is top notch.

NJ Mobile Ultrasound Team

Meghan Morse

A.A.S Veterinary Technology, LVT, CVT, SDEP® Certified Clinical Sonographer 

Meghan’s commitment to animal health focused her career on the science and art of ultrasound.

Why Choose New Jersey Mobile?

New Jersey Mobile veterinary ultrasound works with your hospital to help quickly find the answers you need. From phone call to clinic visit in 12-24 hours, you and your patient will have the support of our experienced general practitioner quickly, keeping your cases in-house. Our sonographers visit your clinic, performs the ultrasound, and provides a comprehensive report. If needed, they can perform ultrasound-guided needle aspirates, abdominocentesis, or pericardiocentesis.

You receive routine reports within 24 hours of case submission. STAT reports within 6 hours. The report includes sonographic findings and internal medicine treatment recommendations with annotated images identifying any pathology or areas of interest.

At New Jersey Mobile, we know that diagnostic ultrasound is the modality of choice for non-invasive investigation of soft tissue, including the abdomen, heart, thorax and small parts such as thyroid and musculoskeletal structures. Our results with high-quality, advanced techniques in ultrasound yield an abundance of information in the diagnostic work-up for the general practitioner and specialist alike.

New Jersey Mobile is fueled by SonoPath– fostering the art of veterinary medicine. Founded by Dr. Eric Lindquist, DVM (Italy), DABVP (CFP), Cert. IVUSS, SonoPath provides a source of sonographic pathology information accessible to veterinarians of all levels of canine, feline, and exotic medicine.

NJ Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound: Fueled by SonoPath