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About Your Appointment

Before Your Appointment

  • Call or Email to schedule your appointment @ 1-800-838-4268 (Veterinarians Only)
  • Submit your Appointment Information Form (hard copies are available from your sonographer once appointment is scheduled)

Day of Your Appointment

  • Patient arrives prior to scheduled appointment window
  • Patient prepped (shaved, IV catheter, sedation, etc.)
  • 1-2 staff members available for restraint (depending on temperament, sedation, cardiac)
  • Approx. 20 minutes scan time

Due to liability and insuranceclients cannot be present or restrain the patient during the sonogram. Please do not ask us to break this rule, as it is not optional.

After Your Appointment

  • Reports are available for viewing/downloading within 24 hours for routine reports; within 6 hours for STAT reports
  • Access reports at

Cancellation Policy

Our goal is to provide quality care to all of our patients in a timely manner. If cancellation of your appointment is necessary, please let us know 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time. If last minute cancellations are habitual, or if the cancellation is made within 2 hours of your scheduled appointment window, a cancellation fee of $60 may apply.

What is Submitted with the Ultrasound Image Set?

  • Completed patient history form – this should include a summarized history of the case and must be completed prior to the appointment.
  • For a diagnostic radiographic interpretation and report, we recommend submission directly through our teleradiology service:

Can I Request a Specific Specialist to Consult on the Sonogram?

New Jersey Mobile has a variety of specialists available to assist consultation.

We make every effort to accommodate a request for a specific specialist. If they are unavailable, we forward your case to the next available specialist. If you prefer to wait for your selected specialist, please inform us.

SonoPath specialists can clarify report details via email. If an email is not listed on the report, then please contact for your communication to reach the specialist.

Clients may not contact the specialist directly. If this occurs, the owner will be redirected back to you, the referring veterinarian, for any communication. You, as the facility, are our client, and we do not have any client/patient relationship with the pet.

Fine Needle Aspirate

If possible abnormalities are identified, there is potential to perform ultrasound-guided needle aspirates, abdominocentesis, or pericardiocentesis at the time of the exam. Please remember, all consent for potential sedation and FNA must be obtained by the owner prior to the appointment. Let us know if you require sample consent forms.

All decisions to perform sampling procedures are ultimately at the discretion of the attending veterinarian and require owner consent. The sonographer provides indications on what should be sampled for diagnostic effectiveness and how to safely sample with ultrasound guidance.

Coagulation panels are the gold standard prior to sampling. Current blood work performed within 3 days should be available before any sampling occurs. At minimum, a PCV/TS and platelet count should be done prior to sampling.

When Can I Expect My Report?

Routine reports are available within 24 hours. Please be aware that turnaround time begins once all case information is submitted and images are received.

STAT reports are available within 6 hours if a STAT request has been received prior to the appointment, subject to availability. New Jersey Mobile then obtains specialist approval. Turnaround time is based on timely STAT request, submission of case information, and receipt of images.

Please be aware, it is our intention to forward a specialist case immediately post-scan; however, it can only be sent once all case information has been received.